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Property Styling Newcastle

Nothing to Pay Until Settlement

Interest Free Property Styling NEWCASTLE and Trade Services*

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Transforming Houses into Homes With Home Staging

First impressions count to achieve a great sale price in a short period of time.

Our professional stylists are passionate about creating beautiful spaces that resonate with buyers.
Contact today for property styling Newcastle !

Property Styling NEWCASTLE

Once considered a luxury, Property Styling newcastle is now a must have for a successful sale.

The stylists at Mitchell + Beasley style your home to draw out the best features and selling points of your home. First impressions are important and our purpose is to create an emotional connection with the home for potential buyers both online and in person.

Styling will not only achieve a higher price, create more competition from buyers and higher foot traffic, it will also result in a faster sale. We are proud of the many homeowners we have helped to achieve their goals and to be part of the team for a successful sale.

Styling Consultations

A little bit of guidance can go a long way to creating a desirable listing.

Our consulting service is designed to assist homeowners with preparing their home for sale. This is especially of interest to homeowners planning on staying in their home for the duration of the sales campaign.

Everyone’s home is different and to achieve the best result, a styling consultation can help turn your recent home renovations into a return on your investment. Consultations can include working with the existing furniture and furnishings, recommendations for changes or additions and advice on how to make improvements to your home.

Home Styling

Set the stage for potential buyers when you choose Mitchell + Beasley for your home and property styling Newcastle. Once considered a luxury, property styling Newcastle is now essential for a fast and successful sale of your home. 

With the expertise and knowledge of our fantastic, experienced stylist, the reorganisation of your space and incorporation of our finest furniture, homewares and artworks, your property will be transformed into a well styled, trendy home suited for any home buyer.

Staging Furniture and Homewares

If your home is vacant from moving or you don’t have much furniture, don’t worry! Property styling Newcastle transforms your home design to accentuate the best features of the space. Talk to our friendly stylist, Lauren about organising a complete styling for your home sale and explore our wide selection of luxury homeware collections to find the perfect décor.

Homes with existing furniture can be styled using a “mix and match” or partial styling approach. Our stylists uses their professional decorator’s eye to combine your own quality pieces of furniture with items from our collection to that will guarantee to impress.

newcastle sydney styling homewares bundle complete package collection property styling Newcastle

Property Styling NEWCASTLE Process

Property styling Newcastle begins with an initial consultation. If your home is already furnished, some of the transformative work can be done during this first review. Our superior expertise in home staging and styling means our stylist will look at your home objectively, comparing to other similar properties or other homes in your suburb currently on the market. We assess how the presentation and appeal of your home can be improved to attract buyers.

During the consultation and styling process, your stylist may suggest incorporating additional furnishings from one of our fantastic homewares collections. They can advise decluttering and remodelling of your interior spaces to give the the best look, and personalise your home to entice any potential buyers. 

Your stylist can also recommend any significant maintenance work, such as home renovations, before your house is listed for sale.  This will ensure you only spend on what is needed to increase the value of your property.

With our extensive knowledge of property staging and styling, we can offer invaluable suggestions on furniture and homeware choices in order to make your house irresistible to prospective buyers.

Why Property Styling newcastle Matters

While the past saw home buyers needing to attend inspections to view a property and make a decision before a sale, these days, buyers often look online at real estate listing photos before contacting an agent.

How you present your home matters, and property styling Newcastle can help a great deal. Through expert advice on how to declutter, stage and style your spaces, you’ll make your home more marketable to buyers both online and during inspections. 

You’ll also be ensuring your home stands out for comparable properties sold in your suburb. Homes that are professionally styled often fare better on the property market, attracting more potential buyers, selling more quickly and at a higher value.

If you want a professional home stylist who will work with you to style your property for selling, you know you can trust Mitchell + Beasley. We provide quality renovating, styling, and consulting services across Newcastle and if you are in Sydney, we have some fantastic and affordable DIY solutions for full or partial staging.

Contact us today on 0422 050 830 to book a consultation or make an appointment to visit our Sydney or Newcastle showrooms.


Our Newcastle property stylist keeps up with all the latest trends in styling and homewares. Each home is suited towards a certain style, whether you’re in a coastal location such as Newcastle, or a traditional terrace in inner west Sydney. The build of the home is a big factor too, as well as any recent renovations.

It’s generally recommended that once you make the decision to sell your home, you book a styling consultation at your earliest convenience. This ensures your stylist can procure the right homewares on hand. It also allows for the possibility of your stylist recommending significant improvements to your home, such as painting and repairs.

Styling fees depend on the condition, size and any add ons such as homewares, further or longer styling consultations.

While installation depends on the size of the project, we find partial property styling usually will take a couple of hours. A full property styling or styling a larger property will take up to a half day.

Absolutely.  We have solutions and packages for living in the home while staged. However, it’s generally recommended that during the styling and hire process that you ensure your home and our furnishings are kept in the best condition to attract a sale. Avoiding wearing shoes in the home, pack away soft furnishings between open homes and keeping moisture out of the home is key.


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